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I Signed That? The Mistakes Quality Auditors Find in your Documents and Why They Matter More Than You Think

We’ve all seen them – uncorrected speech recognition errors or other documentation mistakes. It is a tacit reality that many radiology reports are signed by clinicians with minimal review. Mistakes contained in these reports are sometimes discovered in downstream processes; more often, they are left uncorrected. What is the impact of these preventable errors?


Listen to SpeechCheck’s Lee Tkachuk and Ken Schafer discuss actual errors discovered by their team of quality auditors. Mistakes can be funny – but they can also have disastrous consequences. How do documentation errors affect your department?


You will learn to:

  • Use three simple categories to codify and track documentation mistakes
  • Think about the downstream impact of simple documentation errors
  • Focus on documentation quality as an economic issue
  • Insist on error-free documentation as the work product of the radiology process
  • Q&A at the end of the presentation

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