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Bought the Toy? Learn to Play! 7 Steps to Speech Recognition Success

You’ve made the commitment, had the budget approved and implemented speech recognition (or you are in the process of doing all that). All is good, right? Probably not, if your department is similar to others. Like most other complex software systems of any kind, speech recognition software needs special attention, often unrelated to the software itself. Now that we are 15+ years into SR implementation, trends have emerged, and they are not always what are anticipated. But it’s not too late to fix that, whether you are at the beginning of the process or a few years into it. Lee and Ken will go over common problems that arise during implementation and in the period following go-live, solutions to those problems, how to avoid them, and ways to make SR implementation smooth, ease radiologist frustration and bring calm to chaos after the honeymoon period is over.


In this 60-minute presentation, listen to SpeechCheck’s Lee Tkachuk and Ken Schafer discuss the steps you need to take to have a smooth speech recognition implementation and how to reset the clock after the fact if your department does not use speech recognition to its fullest potential. Efficiency, proficiency and productivity are not an impossible dream!


You will learn to:

  • Identify the 7 steps necessary for a successful SR implementation
  • Recognize and prevent common pitfalls prior to, during and after go-live
  • Maximize efficiency and productivity in an SR environment
  • Ease and eliminate radiologist frustration and dissatisfaction with self-editing

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