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Make a List, Check it Twice: Ten Steps to Better Speech Recognition

What does your documentation say about your hospital? Accurate, complete reports produced in real time are proof that your department is running at peak efficiency. But speech recognition systems can be difficult to select, deploy, and fine-tune. Join the experts …


The Gravy Train has Left the Station: Value-Based Imaging

The days of fee-for-service reimbursement are numbered and the era of value-based pricing is coming on quickly. Is that good news for your department … or catastrophic? How did we get here? What can you do to prepare for this …


Bought the Toy? Learn to Play! 7 Steps to Speech Recognition Success

You’ve made the commitment, had the budget approved and implemented speech recognition (or you are in the process of doing all that). All is good, right? Probably not, if your department is similar to others. Like most other complex software …


I Signed That? The Mistakes Quality Auditors Find in your Documents and Why They Matter More Than You Think

We’ve all seen them – uncorrected speech recognition errors or other documentation mistakes. It is a tacit reality that many radiology reports are signed by clinicians with minimal review. Mistakes contained in these reports are sometimes discovered in downstream processes; …