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SpeechCheck offers a variety of service packages including:

Speech Recognition Implementation and Upgrade Support: We work closely with your SR vendor, your implementation team and your radiologists to ensure a smooth transition. The SR vendors are experts at setting up the system and training users on the mechanics of their amazing software; SpeechCheck consultants are experts at setting up templates to fit the needs of your radiologists, keeping training on target and making sure that the actual use of the software is optimized.

Utilization/Adoption Rate Maximization: We work with your radiologists to achieve 100% self-edit and eliminate transcription and editing costs. We work with your radiologists to make them comfortable with the system while improving efficiency, proficiency and productivity. We will turn your nay-sayers into cheerleaders for the system!

Quality Audits and On-Going Process Improvement: SpeechCheck auditors will perform manual audits on self-edited documents with full voice listen and grading according to a set list of error codes and your preferences. We then send a team in to coach of your radiologists to improve their self-editing skills and put together a comprehensive documentation quality improvement plan for your department over a 3-year period with quarterly audits and radiologist training.

Consulting Packages: We also offer radiology consulting on all aspects of the documentation process, speech recognition training and best practices for dictation and editing.

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