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November 2015

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Before the dam bursts: 4 challenges in the era of enterprise imaging


published on


Due to improvements in both technology and the quality of patient care, there are currently more images being used in the healthcare industry than ever before.


Change is a good thing...right?


published on


“Change” has several meanings: to become different/to make something different/to become something else. I have recently experienced change within the RACC and in my own leadership team and would like to share some thoughts, observations, and ideas.


Using Images To Tell The Complete Patient Story


published on


Medical images have long been an essential tool for providing optimal patient care, but accessing and tracking those images present significant challenges. Healthcare providers such as the Cleveland Clinic are turning to technology to address these issues.


ADVOCATE's Annual CPT Code Change Analysis - What to Expect in 2016


published on


The CPT coding changes for 2016 have been released. Understanding the new codes is crucial to obtaining the proper reimbursement for your services and ADVOCATE has analyzed the changes and provided the highlights below.

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We are a Chicago-based firm whose goal is to assist facilities in improving the final reports generated by speech recognition software through analyzing final reports, coaching radiologists on best practices and setting high quality standards that can be measured and maintained.


From implementation support to speech recognition optimization to quality audits and improvement plans, SpeechCheck offers a robust solution for radiology departments of all sizes!

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