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March 2015

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Don't leave quality to the LUCK OF THE IRISH - Imaging 3.0 or Value-Based imaging is a hot topic, but it is broad and complicated and confusing at this point. Over the next 10 months, SpeechCheck will take a topic from Value-Based Radiology and focus on that for the month, from blogs to articles to webinars to focus groups. Please join us as we embark on this journey together!



How Good is Good Enough?


If you've got children, at one point or another you've probably said some variation of the following phrase: "It doesn't matter how well you do, as long as you did your best." In general, that's excellent advice for kids, especially when we are encouraging them to achieve in an area outside of their natural gifting. As a business maxim, though, it pretty much stinks...




The Gravy Train has Left the Station: Value-Based Imaging


The days of fee-for-service reimbursement are numbered and the era of value-based pricing is coming on quickly. Is that good news for your department or catastrophic?


Imaging Informatics: Improving Workflow


Published on Radiology Today


Managing workflow is one of the biggest challenges in modern medical care, especially for radiology. The image volume, variety of modalities, and need for rapid turnarounds on radiology reports make every second important...




9 ways to improve radiology report quality in the age of patient portals


Published on Health Imaging


Added focus on report quality could make radiology more visible and enhance radiologists’ value in health care, according to an article published online May 16 by the Journal of the American College of Radiology...






DuPage Medical Group


Learn how we partnered with a 425-Physician Practice to measure and improve documentation quality.



Let's try the good doctor/Bad Doctor routine.
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We are a Chicago-based firm whose goal is to assist facilities in improving the final reports generated by speech recognition software through analyzing final reports, coaching radiologists on best practices and setting high quality standards that can be measured and maintained.


From implementation support to speech recognition optimization to quality audits and improvement plans, SpeechCheck offers a robust solution for radiology departments of all sizes!

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