In an effort to drastically cut costs and decrease
turnaround times, many facilities have implemented speech recognition software,


without the assistance or protection of a transcriptionist or editor.

Relying on the physicians to proofread their own reports and identify/correct errors themselves can be a difficult exercise, and it’s not their fault. They are not trained for this, and the human mind doesn’t work this way. Humans literally are not able to multitask; it is physically impossible, and by adding yet another task to be performed simultaneously is setting physicians up for failure. There is no way for them to catch every mistake, every time, because their brains tell them that what they dictate is what they see.

SpeechCheck can help your facility avoid costly lawsuits by training your physicians on how to identify and correct errors before the reports are released to referring physicians and patient charts.


SpeechCheck will do a full voice audit on a set number of reports for each physician or a set percentage of annual reports. We will "grade" each report according to 17 different error categories, put together a composite score, and provide valuable feedback.

We will provide feedback in written form and then go over it, in person, with each physician. During these face-to-face meetings, we will review best practices for dictation and self-editing, individual strengths, and areas that need improvement. We will give tips and suggestions to increase productivity and accuracy.

Once the initial evaluation is complete, we will do a follow-up audit for each physician. This second, full-voice audit will follow the same format as the first. Each report will be graded, and a composite score will be provided for each physician and for the entire group. Included in the follow-up report will be comparison statistics and graphs showing improvements in accuracy and critical versus noncritical errors.

A full report of the initial audit and the follow-up audit will be provided to the administrator who ordered it in bound and/or electronic format. Additional copies will be distributed as requested.

This audit process is a great way to measure the general quality of your reports with a random sampling. However, SpeechCheck offers additional services and packages and will establish, implement, and maintain a quality measurement program for your department or facility. The packages range from a one-time audit (as above) to a comprehensive, two-year plan. There are also several options which can be customized based on your needs and budget.

It's great to know your quality score at any given moment in time. But why not allow us to decrease your risk of lawsuits by working with your physicians to improve their quality, efficiency, and productivity? Mistakes are only natural and human. There are actual physical reasons that it is difficult to proof your own work, reasons that can be overcome. The mistakes made in editing are NOT the fault of the physicians, but they ARE their responsibility. SpeechCheck trainers can help them "retrain" their brains to look for common errors, establish best practices for dictation, and maintain accuracy in future reports.

We will explain the physiological reasons that the mistakes are made, help your physicians identify new ways to look at the reports, and provide you with solid numbers and statistics to back up the scores.

SpeechCheck will work with your department to establish
quality standards, measure the accuracy of completed reports, and


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