We Partnered with 885-Bed Healthcare System to

Increase Utilization and Self-Editing for Speech Recognition.

A speech recognition system had been in place at John Muir Health for a few years, but radiologists were still dependent on a pool of transcriptionists/editors to edit their documents. John Muir Health leadership recognized that this was neither the most cost-effective nor the most efficient use of the expensive and advanced software that they had purchased. Because the radiologists for John Muir Health are a contracted group, care needed to be taken not to overstep contract parameters or to upset the excellent long-standing working relationship that the two parties shared. Administrators from both parties agreed that an acceptable number of reports to be self-edited was 60% as a group, and SpeechCheck™ was brought in to achieve this goal through coaching of the radiologists’ documentation process, increased efficiencies, and enhanced productivity.


John Muir Health had an initiative to cut transcription costs and increase radiologist productivity with Nuance’s Powerscribe 360™ speech recognition system. Expected outcomes for this utilization/productivity initiative included:

  • Increased utilization of self-editing to an overall group average of 60%
  • Improved productivity of radiologists on best practices of dictation and self-editing
  • Increased efficiencies for each radiologist through template creation and use
  • Decreased transcription costs of 50% or more
  • Continued excellent reputation among referring physicians and community served

In addition, John Muir Health was moving to an Epic™ EMR, and requested support and assistance from SpeechCheck™ through this go-live and beyond.


To increase radiologist productivity and utilization of the speech recognition software, SpeechCheck™ trainers/coaches worked alongside each radiologist to analyze habits, self-editing skills, and issues.  Trainers/coaches then put together an individual plan for each radiologist and worked with clinical staff for a period of six months.

When John Muir Health partnered with SpeechCheck™, the self-editing rate for the radiologists was an aggregate average of 21.3%.

Following five monthly sessions

That rate was increased to 77.2%,

which was 17.2% above the original goal.

John Muir Health experienced a 263% increase in self-editing rates overall.

Transcription costs were decreased significantly, and the radiologists are now very comfortable with both the self-editing process and the support received.  Partnering with SpeechCheck™ has allowed John Muir Health to achieve all of its primary objectives for this project. SpeechCheck™ continues to work with John Muir Health on the use of its Powerscribe 360™ system to drive system utilization and quality forward.  Both parties agree that this is a true partnership with common goals and adoption of successful processes.
“Speech Check has been instrumental in helping us surpass our goals for self- editing.  Physician satisfaction has gone way up due to improved report turnaround. I can’t say enough great things about the support and knowledge of the Speech Check staff.  It was exceptional!”

speechcheck_website_casestudies_logo_jhnmuirJohn Muir Health is an 885-bed healthcare system in the San Francisco Bay area with 2 hospitals (one in Walnut Creek, CA and one in Concord, CA) and two outpatient radiology centers. A leader in health care in the San Francisco Bay Area, John Muir Health is a not-for-profit integrated system of doctors, hospitals and other services.