We Partnered With 425-Physician Practice to


Reports produced with speech recognition by DuPage Medical Group, “DMG”, radiologists were believed to be very good, but there was no formal process in place to measure the actual quality of the final documentation. Administrators needed actionable data on the quality of their narrative results. SpeechCheck™ auditors conducted a baseline survey, worked with physicians to improve dictation and self-editing habits, and continue to monitor results over time with quarterly audits and coaching of radiologists on the documentation itself.


DuPage Medical Group had a need to measure and potentially improve the quality of finalized radiology results. Expected outcomes for this quality improvement initiative included:

  • Increased overall accuracy of finalized reports to 98% or greater with no critical errors
  • Improved productivity of radiologists and other staff by coaching on best practices of dictation and self-editing
  • Decreased litigation risk
  • Increased patient safety
  • Continued excellent reputation among referring physicians and community served

There were no reliable statistics against which to benchmark the results of the quality initiative.


To produce a baseline quality score, SpeechCheck™ auditors analyzed 1,100 reports, representing a 1% sample of 11 physicians. Aggregate quality score was 95.01%, with physician scores ranging from 90.21% to 98.30%. Only one radiologist scored over 98%; four radiologists scored under 94%. Using these scores as a guide, physicians were trained in best practices for dictation and editing.

Follow-up analysis 12 months later showed an aggregate score of 97.38%, with physician scores between 93.52% and 98.95%.

Nine radiologists scored 98% and only one radiologists scored less than 94%.

DuPage Medical Group experienced a

2.25 percentage point improvement in its documentation quality

over 12 months

Quarterly audits are ongoing: individual and aggregate quality score goals are 98% or better. Partnering with SpeechCheck™ has allowed DuPage Medical Group to achieve all of its primary documentation improvement objectives.
“There are so many moving parts in any radiology department, and report quality is the most problematic to quantify. By providing objective quality metrics, SpeechCheck™ helped us understand the state of our current documentation process, validated our belief that the radiologists were producing quality documents and gave us clear steps to improve our final reports.”


DuPage Medical Group is an independent multi-specialty physician group consisting of more than 425 physicians and 60 locations in Chicago’s western suburbs. Approximately 110,000 imaging studies are produced annually in this nationally-recognized enterprise.