SpeechCheck is the next step in the speech recognition/self-editing process

Our goal is to take the training given by the speech recognition vendor one step further - to train your physicians on the best ways to dictate and edit, with a goal of an overall accuracy score of 98% or better for each physician and no critical errors that can adversely affect patient care.

Who We Are
  • "following administration of 2 beers and rectal contrast"

    "following administration of intravenous and rectal contrast"

  • "The patient was started on Booze for nutrition. "

    "The patient was started on Boost for nutrition."

  • "Infectious Prostitutes
    is the primary consideration."

    "Infectious Prostatitis
    is the primary consideration."

How SpeechCheck Works

The bottom line

Errors cost you money!


Dollars lost in malpractice lawsuits this year*